Come learn what robots are, why we need them and how we can program them!

Robotics is a fun and interesting activity that sparks the creativity and inventiveness of children and youth. Robotics can be used at all levels of education to teach, primarily but not only, science-related concepts.

Robotics can also be used by teachers in enabling the developments of other 21st century skills: teamwork, problem solving (analyzing, design, implementation, testing and experimentation, evaluation), innovation, project management (time management, project and resource allocation), programming, communication skills, valuable cognitive skills (analytical and synthetic thinking, creativity and more).

The positive effects of robotics can be detected in all the spheres of personal development: from the cognitive, to the emotional (self-esteem, self-confidence) and the social (socialization, demystifying).

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of a Robotics Workshop, as these have developed and enjoy a long-lasting popularity in the Central Public Library of Veria.

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